Rambo I (Collection Personnelle)
Rambo II (Collection Personnelle)
Rambo III (Collection Personnelle)
Rambo III Botte (Collection Personnelle)
Rambo IV (Collection Personnelle)
Rambo V "Mk 9 Heartstopper" (Collection Personnelle)
Rambo V "Mk 8 Small " (Collection Personnelle)
Mortal Combat "Gil Hidden"
Coustra 113"Ca Va Barder... " (Collection Personnelle)
Cobra (Collection Personnelle)
Total Recall "Le Push Dagger"
Terminator T2 (Collection Personnelle)
The Expendables I "United Cultery"
Strange Days "Spyderco Police"
Cliffhanger "Spyderco Endura"
Le Guerrier d'Acier " Le Phoenix" (Collection Personnelle)
L'Affaire Van Haken "Kershaw"
Les Larmes Du Soleil "Le Kandahar" Emerson
Mad Max "Fury Road" Chris Reeve
Predator I "Jack Crain"
Crocodile Dundee
Traqué "Tracker" Tops Knives
The Expendables II "United Cultery"
Punisher "Tops Knives" (Collection Personnelle)
Sabotage "Esee 4" (Collection Personnelle)
NCIS "ZT 0357" (Collection Personnelle)
La Chute De Londres "Pohl Force Romeo One Survival" (Collection Personnelle)
Lucy "Le Raptor L" Bastinelli
Siberian Education "Masarin " Nicolai Lilin
Live Another Day "Le Shark Sand"
Commando "Jack W Crain "
Demolition Man "Jack W Crain "
John Wick "ZT 0909"
John Wick "Microtech"
Dragon Lord "Gil Hibben" (Collection Personnelle)
Stargate"United" (Collection Personnelle)
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